Disk IO Upgrades for All Existing and New Clients

We are pleased to announce the completion of hosting portfolio upgrades of Shared Hosting services. With this upgrade, it has added more performance features and increased the amount of Disk IO speed on all Shared Hosting services. Since its inception, Gravity Fix has always extended additional benefits to its existing clients without charging ... Davamını oxu »

25th Avq 2020
Server Migration - Hardware Upgrade, Change of Hostname and IP Addresses - LA02

As a part of our continuous effort to consistently deliver reliable hosting services, we are upgrading the server hardware with the newly released Intel Xeon Coffee Lake CPU and NVMe SSD disks. To eliminate any downtime during the hardware upgrade, we have configured a new server and will migrate your hosting account(s) to the upgraded ... Davamını oxu »

6th Yan 2020
New BunnyCDN Service

We are excited to announce we have partnered with BunnyCDN. BunnyCDN operates on a finely tuned 18Tbit+ backbone with more than 10 Tier1 network providers spread across the globe.  Thanks to their blazing fast network of 37 pops  they can help you reach a <30ms response time in most of the world. Best part this professional grade CDN ... Davamını oxu »

24th Dek 2019
Default PHP Version Changed to PHP 7.2

Default PHP Version Changed to PHP 7.2 We sent all our users an email on December 08, 2019, informing you that we will be changing the server's Default PHP Version to 7.2. We have completed this change as planned. This might impact your website. 01. Change of Default PHP Version We have changed the Default PHP Version to PHP 7.2 on December ... Davamını oxu »

19th Dek 2019
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